Calling Durban Christians...

We gave the Natal agency for the sale of Ron Wyatt DVD's to a Natal man called Terrence O'Hara. He is a true man of God who sees his ministry as helping the homeless and he himself stays in shelter in Point Rd.

Previously he was 13 years working on the Kwasizabantu Mission as a farmer and driver and was highly valued by them.

He is a faithful Christian but a bit out of his depth marketing and selling the Ron Wyatt dvd's which could easily support him and his ministry.
May I ask any Natal Christians to give him a ring and encourage him? Perhaps there is someone in Durban who could assist him in better establish the potential ministry of lecturing and distributing Ron Wyatt videos? He is not computer literate and has no access to an office. Other than that he is a powerful warrior for Christ.

His phone number is 076-222-0233.
Yours in Christ - Doug Meaker 078-480-1492

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