A tent on the Cape Flats...

Berahah Mission is named after one of God’s miraculous victories on behalf of His people (2 Chronicles 20) and reflects the ministry of a Christian couple, David and Lyn Bell. For 17 years Brother Bell worked on the Cape Flats, mostly as a tent evangelist. Marriage to Lyn in 1983 led to their establishing a base in Malmesbury 30 years ago and the focus shifted to evangelizing and pastoring farm labour in the Swartland.

Ministry to farm labourers

This core ministry of outreach to the poor has continued to the present and is currently divided between outreach to the farm labourers in the Swartland and their thriving Spirit-filled church in Malmesbury, many of whose members were once enslaved to drink but are today strong Christians with positions of responsibility on the same farms.  As Sister Lyn so often says…”God repairs lives that are centred on the cross.” The old hands meet to worship on Sunday mornings, Wednesday and Friday evenings.  In the afternoons free transport goes out to bring new farm labourers in to worship at our Sunday afternoon service. 



Over 30 years the ministry has expanded in other ways and now includes a three star graded guest house with 26 rooms. This is used almost exclusively by church congregations who come from all over the Western Cape to fellowship and conference here most weekends. They bring not only a spiritual blessing but also much needed revenue to the town of Malmesbury itself.  Indeed we were recently reminded of a prophesy that revival in the Cape would begin in Malmesbury and we pray that God will use us accordingly. To this end we are additionally  launching personal retreats for spiritual renewal and hope to bring a further 25 people from Cape Town to stay with us every Monday to Friday. Pray that God blesses Malmesbury and this new ministry. See more by clicking the "Jabbok Separation" tab above this page.

Other buildings on the Mission include the church itself as well as a beautiful 15 sleeper furnished, self catering home with its own separate conference facility, enclosed garden, braai facilities; ideal for cell group getaways.

Construction of a new development bordered by the river and church has also begun, specifically to cater for private retreat. It will ultimately comprise between twenty and thirty small self-catering cottages. We hope to offer these guests access to the mineral waters nearby and thereby make this corner of Malmesbury a place of both physical and spiritual healing. 

Often people ask how full time workers Lyn and David acquired all these properties and the construction of a three story guest house; Lyn will direct you to the Valley of Berachah as told in Chronicles and tell you about thirty years of miracles and a lot of work!  Lyn has made jams, dresses, scrimped and saved while the Lord has directed her where investment opportunities came along. Louis, Lyn’s brother and co-pastor, joined the Mission some 25 years ago and built the guesthouse and is now busy building the new developments.

Goal - fostering fellowship

Brachah’s preferred speciality is hosting weekend getaways for congregations to fellowship together, heal wounds and plan the year ahead. For just R265 per day per person sharing, church members are accommodated in en-suite 3 star comfort, fed three meals per day and given free access to conference venue and equipment.

Goal - offering a retreat and rest

The Mission’s second objective is to provide a place of retreat and rest to Christian individuals and couples coming off an increasingly hostile battlefield. Christian guests can at low cost (from R150 per night sharing or R190 single) simply rest, walk and read in a peaceful place. Attending the Mission’s own prayer meetings / services during the week are optional.

Please pray for us

Like many in God's front line, the Mission is frequently under attack and the Devil would dearly like to shut us down. Pray for us ...and come fellowship!

Note: Brother Bell was laid to rest in 2009 and Lyn continues the work with her brother Louis and members of her congregation from whose ranks almost all the staff are drawn.