• Travelling, holiday, business, B&B:-
    • South Facing - R200 pp sharing / R250 Single...
    • Or North facing - with view of swimming pool, river and park - R220 pp sharing / R270 single.. 
    • Visit our picture gallery and choose your room next to the water!
    • 50% surcharge Dec 15 - Jan 15
  • Or...Conference package rates
    • Almondbridge Centre: From R350 pp per day sharing - includes all meals, 3 star graded en-suite room, conference hall, conference equipment. These prices are for our Almondbridge facility, part of the Berachah Retreat and Conference Centre. Scroll down to see Almondbridge conference packages.

    • Mispah Centre: We have just completed a new larger conference facility called Mispah which additionally offers self-catering rates, its own swimming pool and a bigger conference hall. Please discuss Mispah rates and options with our reception.

      • Mispah is also part of Berachah Retreat and Conference Centre and is just 200 meters from Almondbridge.
      • Mispah means that our conference capacity has recently increased from 46 to 100 guests spread between Almondbridge and Mispah.

  • For Christian pastors and church workers:
    • Pastors - free accommodation from Monday afternoon to Friday morning.
    • Full time Christian workers (if supported by email from organization or church) who are not officially Pastors, still qualify for our 4 night break @ R960 total per room (single or couple) Monday afternoon to Friday morning.   


Conference Packages - Almondbridge

Our conference prices range from R350 per person per night. These prices include a bed and 3 meals per person. The rates vary depending on how many people you bring (the bigger your group the lower your bed-rate) and which menu you choose in advance (Budget, Regular or Premium). e.g.

Bed price...

5 - 24  people R195 per person per night sharing or R260 single

25 - 45 people R185 per person per night sharing or R250 single

46 people R150 per person per night sharing (Whole venue package - see below)

+ Meals price

Budget Menu R200 per person per day for 3 meals

Regular Menu R265 per person per day for 3 meals

Premium Menu R340 per person per day for 3 meals

e.g. 30 people on the budget menu will be R170 (bed) + R200 (meals) = R370 total per person per night conference package

Or try our...

Whole Venue Package...

  • Additional privacy and even better prices are possible if you book our entire venue for the weekend. We call this the "Whole Venue Package" where we give your group exclusive use of the entire venue for 2 nights / weekend plus 6 meals at a bulk rate of R32,200 (on a budget meal package).   

  • 46 people stay the entire weekend sharing two persons per en-suite room including all meals for R32,200 - which works out at just R350 per person per night.  (R150 ppp night room rate and R200pp per day meals on Budget menu option)  Your church takes the entire retreat over and no other guests are allowed on site. The great advantages with this package are privacy, exclusivity and savings.

  • + option of extra night on Thursday or Sunday? Some groups need an extra night i.e. the Thursday night or the Sunday night. In this event we offer the 3rd night at R300 per person (which includes 3 more meals). i.e....if you have 46 people, the total is R46,000 (46 people x R1000 per person for 3 days / 9 meals OR just R333 per person per day including meals.)

Summary - Whole Venue Package - from Friday dinner to Sunday lunch:

  • Budget menu = R32,200 (R150 bed + R200 meals = R350 pp x 2 nights = R700 each x 46 people.)

  • Regular menu = R38,180 (R150 bed + R265 meals = R415 pp x 2 nights = R830 each x 46 people.)

  • Premium menu = R45,080 (R150 + R340 meals = R490 pp x 2 nights = R980 each for 46 people.)

NB - please read carefully!

  • To "hold" your conference booking...
    • 10% - 10 days from the date of the quotation we send you.  NON REFUNDABLE deposit. Failure to pay this deposit may result in losing your booking.
    • 20% - 45 days from the date of the quotation. A further NON REFUNDABLE deposit of 20% is payable within 45 days from quotation date.
    • 20% - 30 days before arrival. A further NON REFUNDABLE deposit of 20 % (i.e. 50% in total prior to arrival) is due 30 days before arrival.) Final guest numbers must be confirmed at this point. Variations in numbers after this date will be regarded as no-shows and the client will be responsible for their payment at check-in time.
    • Final 50% payment due at check-in, on arrival.   

  • If you book a "Whole Venue Package" and subsequently reduce numbers below 46, you do not get a discount or reduction from the total package price. Rather spread out and enjoy the privacy of more single rooms :-) We will keep to our side of the agreement and not book out vacant rooms to third parties during your stay. 

  • See "Menus" under the "Conferencing" tab to see the three different menus.

  • All rooms are "en-suite" but in most rooms that means en suite to a shower, not a bath.

  • Only four of our rooms have double beds. If you require a double bed, please specify in advance.

  • Sharing is limited to 2 persons per room. 

  • Prices above include free coffee after breakfast and dinner but not during the conference itself. Groups are encouraged to bring their own coffee / tea / biscuits which can be served in the conference lounge during conferences. We supply water urns and wash up after you. This allows significant savings for the conference organizers.

  • On the conference packages the rooms are not serviced. This enables rates substantially below the norm. Should you require servicing of the rooms during a conference we can provide such service for an additional cost. This option must be arranged at least one week before the conference begins.

  • Unless you have booked a Whole Venue Package, sometimes two groups will share the guest house which then has a total sleeping capacity limited to 46 persons.... Note that we have three different  conference rooms in the venue, a small one and two large rooms. Ensure in advance you know which conference room your group has been allocated and what equipment you will require. See "Conference" tab for equipment available.

  • If you take the "Whole Venue Package" you automatically have use of 2 conference halls, one of which must be the "Upper Room"

  • The small conference room "Upper Room" has an effective seated capacity of 20 persons, the medium  conference venue has an effective seated capacity of 70 persons while the large conference venue has a capacity of 200 persons.

  • Note that the large conference venue is about 250 meters away from the main building.

  • The conference facilities and equipment are free for conferences who are sleeping overnight following the conference. Day conferences not sleeping overnight will pay R600 for use of the small conference room R2000 for use of the medium conference room and R3000 for use of the large conference room.  

  • "No-shows" on the day as well as cancellations less than two weeks before arrival will be charged at R150 per person per night.

  • Bookings made up to 1 year in advance, and where a deposit has been paid, will keep the price quoted. Bookings made more than 1 year in advance are subject to change. 

  • No children with conference bookings under any circumstances