Accommodation Rates

1.  Conference rates from R670 per person per weekend sharing which includes all meals, accommodation,  free conference equipment and facilities...see bottom of page

2.  Non-conference rates:

  2a. Budget rooms R250 sharing / R400 single. (If payment by EFT or credit card)

  2b. Budget rooms R300  sharing/ R450 single (If cash)

  2c. Larger rooms on the top floor, some with views, are R300 sharing / R450 single. (If payment by EFT or credit card)

  2d. Larger rooms on the top floor, some with views, are R350 sharing / R500 single. (If Cash)


All our 23 rooms are en-suite and graded 3 star.


For pastors we offer free accommodation with breakfasts from Monday to Friday only.

Conference Packages

Our conference prices range from R335 per person per night. These prices include a bed and 3 meals per person. The rates vary depending on how many people you bring (the bigger your group the lower your bed-rate) and which menu you choose in advance (Budget, Regular or Premium).

Size of Group determines the "bed" price:

15 - 24  people R180 per person per night sharing or R320 single

25 - 49 people R170 per person per night sharing or R310 single

Choice of Menu determines the "food" price

Budget Menu R200 per person per day for 3 meals

Regular Menu R265 per person per day for 3 meals

Premium Menu R340 per person per day for 3 meals

e.g. 30 people on the budget menu will be R170 (bed) + R200 (meals) = R370 total per person per night

Or try our...

Whole Venue Package...

Even better is our "Whole Venue Package" where we give your group exclusive use of the entire venue for 2 nights / weekend at a bulk rate of R30,500 (on a budget meal package).   50 people then stay the entire weekend with most sharing two persons per en-suite room including all meals for R30,500 - which works out at just R610 each for the weekend (or R305 per night). The great advantage with this package is privacy and exclusivity. Your church takes the entire retreat over and no other guests are allowed on site. 

Some groups need an extra night i.e. from Thursday lunch till Sunday lunch. For them we offer the extra night at low, low cost - R10,000. This buys your group an extra night and 3 more meals for 50 people! i.e. R40,500 in total buys your group exclusive use of the entire centre for 3 days and 3 nights i.e. from Thurs 4pm to Sunday 2pm.

If you have 50 people, that works out at R810 per person including 9 meals for 3 days and 3 nights (or R270 per person per day including meals).


  • Full Guesthouse package - Budget menu = R30,500 (R610 each for 50 people for whole weekend all inclusive)
  • Full Guesthouse package - Regular menu = R34,550 (R691 each for 50 people for whole weekend all inclusive)
  • Full Guesthouse package - Premium menu = R39,850 (R797 each for 50 people for whole weekend all inclusive)
  • Pastors and their wives stay free Monday to Friday morning... 

Mid-week accommodation and breakfasts are free for Pastors and their wives. Other meals are chargeable at specially low rates.

Full time Christian workers of all denominations who are not officially Pastors still enjoy a discount on accommodation. e.g. R120 per person per night sharing for accommodation.  

NB - please read carefully!

  • See "Menus" on the navigation bar at the top of this page to see the three different menus.
  • All rooms are "en-suite" but in most rooms that means en suite to a shower, not a bath.
  • Only four of our rooms have double beds. If you require a double bed, please specify in advance.
  • Sharing is limited to 2 persons per room. If a single group takes over the whole guest house and is bigger than 50 persons, a few rooms will have to share 3 persons per room.
  • Prices above include free coffee after breakfast and dinner but not during the conference itself. Groups are encouraged to bring their own coffee / tea / biscuits which can be served in the conference lounge during conferences. We supply water urns and wash up after you. This allows significant savings for the conference organizers.
  • On the conference packages the rooms are not serviced. This enables rates substantially below the norm. Should you require servicing of the rooms during a conference we can provide such service for an additional cost. This option must be arranged at least one week before the conference begins.
  • Sometimes two groups will share the guest house which then has a total sleeping capacity limited to 50 persons.  Note that we have three different  conference rooms in the venue, a small one and two large rooms. Ensure in advance you know which conference room your group has been allocated and what equipment you will require. See "Conference" tab for equipment available.
  • If you take the "Whole Venue Package" you automatically have use of 2 conference halls, one of which must be the "Upper Room"
  • The small conference room "Upper Room" has an effective seated capacity of 20 persons, the medium  conference venue has an effective seated capacity of 70 persons while the large conference venue has a capacity of 200 persons.
  • Note that the large conference venue is about 250 meters away from the main building.
  • The conference facilities and equipment are free for conferences who are sleeping overnight following the conference. Day conferences not sleeping overnight will pay R600 for use of the small conference room R2000 for use of the medium conference room and R3000 for use of the large conference room.  
  • "No-shows" on the day as well as cancellations less than two weeks before arrival will be charged at R150 per person per night.
  • To "hold" your conference booking, 15% NON REFUNDABLE deposit must be paid within 10 days of your making the booking.  Failure to pay this deposit will almost certainly result in our booking the accommodation out to someone else. The balance of 85% is payable on or before arrival. 
  • Bookings made up to 1 year in advance, and where a deposit has been paid, will keep the price quoted. Bookings made more than 1 year in advance are subject to change. 
  • No children with conference bookings under any circumstances