A Testimony for young people struggling at school...

Children_studyRecently our church at Berachah Retreat began a more intense study of God's word. We found a good online Bible course which we translated into Afrikaans (most of our congregation are Afrikaans) and at the mid-week prayer meetings, everyone submits their  weekly "assignment"  for marking.

Part of the course requires learning a new Bible verse every week off by heart and this they do. The remarkable thing has been the effect such "learning by wrote" has had on the children in the congregation. Some who were previously struggling to learn at school have experienced God's blessing in their regular school studies. One young boy in particular who suffered from severe Attention Deficit Disorder laboured faithfully to learn John 3:16... and a few days later was able to accurately recite multiplication tables that had flummoxed him before!

Truly it is as the Psalmist says..."The entrance of thy words giveth light; it giveth understanding unto the simple." (Psa 119:130)