Arc of the covenant found! Explosive, faith-building new facts!

ron-wyattMany Christians are familiar with the archeological discoveries of Ron Wyatt. These include the discovery of the true Mount Sinai, the resting place of Noah's arc, the Exodus route through the Red sea and m0re... God used this humble man to reveal the truth of those old Bible accounts in the most miraculous ways.

Few however are familiar with Ron Wyatt's greatest discovery, namely the Arc of the Covenant which went missing from Solomon's temple during the time of Nebucanezzer's seige of Jerusalem in 597 BC. Ron found it beneath what appears to be the site of Calvary's cross - a profound example of God's perfect planning.

But that is not all... Find out the most breathtaking part of this great discovery - possibly the greatest in archeological history - by allowing one of our  Mission staff to come to your church and give a two hour presentation supported by slides and video testimony.


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