Looking for a Christian farmer...

We are looking for a farmer to work with on a joint venture in Christian accommodation...

We need small stands on which we can put up a number of low cost tented camps or wooden cabins for private retreat by paying Christian individuals for short stays. No electricity, running water or sophisticated abolutions needed... Just sit back and collect an extra R5,000 to R10,000 per month (and maybe a special blessing from the Lord) for the temporary use of land that you cannot farm! We suggest a one year trial with an option to renew at the farmer's discretion.

Library_2Berachah Retreat and Conference Centre has an established and effective  marketing capability by which we offer Christians various types of accommodation for conferences and private retreat. Some are attracted to our three star guesthouse with its own conference facilities, some to our self catering homes in the same street. We currently host over forty church groups from different denominations every year. (We are inter-denominational.)

We know there is also great potential for accommodating lone individuals wanting to separate and seek God's voice in greater isolation... perhaps on a farm in the Western Cape.  Our preference would be a farm within 50 km of Malmesbury which would be the marketing and admin base for the bookings, but if God chooses a farm in another part of the Western Cape then it will be so.

Tented_camp_2 Each structure would be small and able to accommodate single Christian visitors for short periods - a few days at a time or at most a couple of weeks. Nothing too fancy - just adequate to pray and read the Bible in safety in pleasant surroundings. Electrical power would not be required, nor any other luxuries and mod cons. This type of Christian visitor would expect to rough it and carry on smiling. That is certainly how we would market the experience.

Ideally the type of ground we are looking for would be in areas that are difficult to farm i.e. mountainous or wooded areas that the farmer is not using. We would expect the farmer to make a fair percentage of such income in exchange for the use of his land. We would supply the people and organize the invoicing, client liaison, marketing...and build the structures too. You can just sit back and receive an extra income... and a blessing for being part of a new work.


If you would like to  discuss this further, please call or email us at the numbers we give under our "Contact" section. The person you need to speak to is Doug Meaker and he can be reached or "messaged"  at all the contact numbers on the Berachah website - www.berachah.co.za.

Better still, come and visit him and talk it through!