Robyn Houston-McMillan

Robyn Houston-McMillan has been  registered with the Christian Counsellors of South Africa since 1999. She is also registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA)  and is proficient at administering psychological tests ranging from IQ tests to School Readiness and Career Assessments. She is also registered as a child and family counsellor and has been involved with family therapy for over ten years. She works hand in hand with Focus On The Family South Africa and receives their referrals for face-to-face counselling on a regular basis.

Robyn has recently branched out into the area of art and play therapy in conjunction with giving support to learners’ who have learning disabilities. These range from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Fetal Tik Syndrome to Dyslexia and dealing with the traumatised child within the classroom context.

Robyn also offers workshops, which involve group therapy. Examples are team building exercises and the use of paint and clay to explore one’s inner feelings.

Robyn offers one-on-one individual, couple and family therapy covering clinical issues such as marriage difficulties, parent/child relationships, discipline of children, bereavement, addictions, trauma debriefing, adolescent adjustment difficulties just to mention a few. She often incorporates the use of clinically approved assessments as a means of validation and  confirmation.

Do not hesitate to contact her for further queries and to book an appointment.